Rules in English

21 Nov, 2014 18:28
Hi. I played years ago on the board version and have been playing on here for a few weeks now. I have to say, I'm absolutely loving it - you have done a fantastic job. I certainly remember enough of the rules to be able to play and other players have been very helpful via messages but a copy of the rules in English would be very useful in terms of specifics. I also know many people who would utterly love this game, but they would find it difficult to know how to begin without access to the rules. Do they exist? Is there a way to make them accessible to people considering joining up and trying to find out more about it? If it's possible to send me a copy, my email is mike(*) - I'd really appreciate it. And, again, congratulations. This is brilliantly done.
21 Nov, 2014 20:30
sent smile
23 Nov, 2014 16:52
Just a quick little question.
If you keep a garrison in famine region, it'll be disbanded, right?
23 Nov, 2014 17:01
At the end of spring turn
23 Nov, 2014 19:27

And you'll have income from the city?
23 Nov, 2014 22:23
You will, but not from the province.
24 Nov, 2014 06:24
Could I also obtain a copy of the rules? If anyone could send them to that would be awesome!
24 Nov, 2014 11:29
24 Nov, 2014 21:42
Thank you Mansete & Strider!
03 Dec, 2014 17:45
Paying for a rebellion in a home country province conquered by someone else still count as home country, right?