Rules in English

03 Apr, 2015 10:31
25 Jun, 2015 22:36
Signores, I need the rules also.

How do I upload an avatar?

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Thanks in advance.
26 Jun, 2015 00:33
Pick in your name —> change avatar
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29 Jun, 2015 20:59
Podéis enviarme las reglas a mi también.
En español, of course.

Muchas gracias!
29 Jun, 2015 22:13
I see “commments” as I arrive on the page. They are not complete. Where do I find the complete comment?
29 Jun, 2015 22:36
Now the page is complete.

In fact, it has more scenarios and rules than you will find on the instructions
17 Jul, 2015 15:47
Can a siege be disrupted 1 to 1?

Ex: The Papacy is garrisoned in Rome. Florence is in the province.

A Papal fleet attacks Rome.
17 Jul, 2015 16:21
the correct way to break a siege would be:

1.fleet in TS support garrison in ROME to convert into army. this is a 2 vs 1. if fleet in TS only attacks ROME nothing happens.


2. fleet in TS move to ROME. Garrison in ROME supports fleet in TS goes to ROME. 2 vs 1 again.
17 Jul, 2015 17:15
Thank you very much. Your examples are even better in the way of