Rules in English

24 Jul, 2015 00:19
Better safe than sorry.

The convoy orders:

A advances to C and

Fleet B convoys A to C.
24 Jul, 2015 07:32
24 Jul, 2015 14:06
Thank you MANSETE.

I neglected to say it was a “coastal convoy”. A rival unit was placed in the sea touching A and B and C. Example: A is in CAP, the fleet is in Roma (B), and the destination is PIO (C). There is also a rival fleet in TS.

Doesn't appear to have worked. I thought that was the “beauty” of a coastal convoy.

Is that a special setting I failed to check?

It did not succeed.
24 Jul, 2015 14:16
Coastal convoys are for Machiavelli version one

Here we play version 2,so no coastal convoys available

15 Aug, 2015 04:28
Another quick question for you guys.
In Condottieri do you still get 1 ducat per fleet in an sea area?
15 Aug, 2015 08:11
16 Aug, 2015 00:48
Thank you Cranocide!
04 Sep, 2015 02:53
If assassinated, and “frozen” can one still bribe?

Your Dudidity ~ Would you change your avatar for one ducat? smile
12 Nov, 2015 22:13
Please don't laugh. smile Can the Pope communicate with an excommunicate?
19 Nov, 2015 22:40
guess not smile