07 Apr, 2019 16:27

Ok, scenario is La Conq of the seven kingdoms. Red armies in CRA and SEPT, Red fleet in SSS. Green armies in HIG and CID, garr in OLD, fleet in WS. There are more, but that is the area I'm wondering about. Can Red spend 9 to incite a rebellion in OLD? I predict that Green will be converting to a fleet next turn. Does it matter whether it is a garr or fleet in OLD? The key question is, since it technically is NOT a bribe, does the rebellion-inciting country HAVE to have a unit immediately adjacent to the target province? Thanks for your advice!

07 Apr, 2019 22:14

No, it is not considered a Bribe so you can target any city. Also remember that the rebellion cost is doubled in a Major city or a native city (one with a flag of it's own colour).

Edited 08 Apr, 2019 18:05