Re Control - Help or Commiserate please!

14 Mar, 2017 19:43
Q. In the superb game that is Dominance II (many thanks to James B.Wood and to the other players), these events occurred: Fall 1519, the Venetian fleet in Padua advances into Ferrara, while the Milanese army retreated to the city in Ferrara. So, surely according the Machiavelli - Rules of Play.pdf version of the rules that I was kindly emailed, surely the fleet obtains control of the countryside? The Venetian fleet stayed there until Fall 1520 but was not paid for in Military Adjustments, Spring 1521. In the turn of Spring 1521 I moved a fleet there, thinking I could move it out in Strategic Movement and avoid the famine…..but it seems the countryside is back under Milanese control….despite never having been occupied by the Milanese!….so my fleet is stuck!

14 Mar, 2017 19:57
You cant obtain control of the territory if you dont control city+province. In fall you didnt control the city and milan didnt control the province, so the area gets no marker of control cos nodody control it.
This is why FER dont belongs to you and didnt make the ME with the fleet.
14 Mar, 2017 20:21
14 Mar, 2017 20:37
TheGreatGame, you will pay for what you did
14 Mar, 2017 21:45
On an Austrian income of around 3 ducats, you had better tighten that wide belt of yours Mansete smile
14 Mar, 2017 21:53
Mansete. I may have misunderstood. You are right re losing my fleet in Ferrara. I had already weakened my force by a fleet reducing my fleet from 4 to 3 during military adjustments too. All is no lost though.