Stuck in Military adjustments

02 Oct, 2017 05:06
Currently in the Military Adjustments phase of non finance game All Antigua. I have 6 cities and 5 armies, however I am unable to assign armies or proceed in any way. The game is currently waiting on me, and I already timed out once. Need an administrator to fix the game.
02 Oct, 2017 07:30
In-game, bottom right, there's a ‘report error’ button.
02 Oct, 2017 15:34
Yep, I had reported it earlier with that button, but with no response so figured I would post it here. Looks like the game was pushed to the next orders phase this morning so all should be well.
03 Oct, 2017 00:29
Famine, answer is famine smile
04 Oct, 2017 21:16
Well, the game was frozen regardless. I do recall hitting the “Undo” button from the military adjustments confirmation screen. So that must have sent it back to military adjustments, but because there was nothing to adjust it just broke and left me stranded.
04 Feb, 2018 11:04

This bug should be fixed now, once and for all.