Confused about 'Active' game status

22 Nov, 2017 16:14
My Homepage indicates that I am “Active” in a game I was eliminated from 10 days ago. I am a new player: since it was my third game, will this prevent me from participating in a new game? How long before I am inactivated and shown not to be playing this game any longer?

22 Nov, 2017 19:11
i dont know if that prevent you from join new games, but you will be active until the end, unless you had surrended.
22 Nov, 2017 21:07
Z666, I thought I'd read somewhere that there was a 3 game participation limit for newbies but I can't remember where I saw it.

I guess I'll have to remain active in that game where I was quickly conquered but will use that to remind me that I have a lot to learn! smile

22 Nov, 2017 21:43
yep, i think its true, 3 game max for newbies.

bad luck, Hesp.
05 Oct, 2018 05:50

I found my answer... I am stuck in the same situation. I guess I won't play city states anymore... too easy to get eliminated. I am trying my hardest to get my Karma up to 130 to get rid of the 3 game limit restriction.

Moral of the story is, quit right before being eliminated then. Strange it keeps you "in-game" when you are dead. smile Cheers.

06 Oct, 2018 16:44

How's a newbie defined here?

09 Oct, 2018 09:50

Under 130 Karma... you start with 100. Either you are a Newb or a very slow

11 Oct, 2018 02:34

Note to others... I found a glitch. If a player with less than 130 Karma "Joins" 3 games and is waiting for them to start... they can still get in on a "Rebellion" game boost their Karma and when their "pending" games start they will then be able to play over the 3 game limit. That is, if they have this information, of course.