"Safe Time to Play" vs. "Unsafe Time to Play"

07 Dec, 2017 14:38
Can someone explain the difference between these two measurements? Does one lose karma if they place their moves during the “unsafe” time to play?
Thank you.
07 Dec, 2017 15:06
i think that the safe time is the one that your karma let you wait. the more the karma you have, the more that time will be.

and the unsafe time is the time that your karma let you wait WHEN someone in the game has more karma than you.

this time is the same time when you have 200 karma.

i will try to explain this:

imagine a 1 day game with 2 players.

A - 200 karma
B - 0 karma

A can wait 1,5 days to move for his high karma.
B can must move in 1 day (safe time), but he has 1,5 days of unsafe time. And it is unsafe cos if A confirms, that extra-unsafe-time will disappear and if you didnt confirm you can be overthrown. But if A movs at the end of his time, then B can delay too (its a risk, of course) until A moves.

This is a improvisation, i dont know if i am right or wrong.
09 Dec, 2017 14:15
Thank you Zsmile