Confirmation box when buying

07 Jan, 2018 09:50
Hi Strider

Is it possible to introduce a confirmation box when buying? - You know - ‘Are you sure that you want to buy this unit for this amount with 1/2 years payback delay?’.

I've been caught doing stupid mistakes several times now and it kinda kills your game completely.


07 Jan, 2018 10:15

that is not posible, crano. the game doesnt know if the money comes from your 1/2 years loan, from venecia, from your save money or a mixture of all of them.
07 Jan, 2018 10:45
it's not a question of semantics. when i go in and want to borrow 25d for 2 years, I have to actively write ‘25’ and actively choose a 2 year-period. when that is done, and i press ‘enter’, i want a pop-up confirmation box that asks me: ‘are you sure?’. That's all.
07 Jan, 2018 11:13
ok, but this is a diferent question. you spoke about two or three separate accions in the same confirmation box, what unit you buy, the ducats you expend and from where that money came.
07 Jan, 2018 11:27
yes, i went one step too far - i shouldnt have been talking about which unit to buy - only about amount and delay.
07 Jan, 2018 11:56
i think the system can asking you:

are you sure you want to borrow x ducats to pay in x years?

and, later, if youbuy something

are you sure you want to buy army in x for x ducats?

you cant mix both terms.
07 Jan, 2018 12:17
yes, but i think that only #1 is needed.
07 Jan, 2018 16:58
Be carefull my friend.