Abandono en Cesky Budejovice

23 Jan, 2018 22:40
Okay guys. But rumors have to be about the game.

Example 1: “You damn Austrians are allied of Sicilians”
Example 2: “You are using a double account”.

Example 1 is IN GAME and it is good game and roleplay. Anything goes between countries.

Example 2 is NOT ABOUT THE GAME. Just accusations about who is behind the keyboard.

If you suspect double accounting, just report it where you have to, but don't pollute the rumors with your bullshit.
31 Jan, 2018 19:08
Me harte y abandoné en esa partida. No juego con quien me acusa de tramposo, busca generar caos a costa del buen nombre de otro y no pide disculpas.
31 Jan, 2018 19:18
Look, olbaP… You are just losing the game.
You are just a whiner. You are whining and complaining and you send me long e-mails of complaint (in Spanish, which I duly translate).

So, basically, in this game it appears some people are allied against you.
I can voucher GREAT diplomacy has been undertaken behind the courtains. I have exchanged messages with 4 countries. Coins passed hands. Agreements were made. Change of ideas occurred.

It is literally a GOOD game. If only you dared play it.

Yes, I have made a mistake with my fleet because I thought the famine would stop.

Now, again, you use rumors IN GAME to talk about me not knowing the rules and bla, bla, bla, yada, yada, yada.

Please, if you want to abandon the game, just do it… but don't complain with me and don't send me Walls of Texts or long bs messages any more because it makes you look just like a 13 y.o. who cannot win.

I have literally written all my messages pretending I was a Viking. Why the hell would I want to stop playing the game? If you have some accusations, report things officially and stop messaging us privately about such things.

You are simply losing the game and people are questioning the fact you are not attacking your neighbour. It is your right to make different alliances… but expect people to retaliate with their armies. Also, please stop overthinking. The fleet thing was a mistake and I made a fool out of myself and even mentioned it in the rumors to make it sound funny. But you take everything seriously, like the 13 y.o. you probably are. Else, grew out of it – please. smile
31 Jan, 2018 19:31
Yo no he dicho nada de tu flota en los rumores. Solo te lo comenté a ti en privado pensando que eras nuevo.
El mensaje “largo” fue para todos, no para ti solo, no fue un mensaje privado. Fue un mensaje público.
Sobre mi forma de jugar piensa lo que quieras, es tu derecho. Pero me voy porque me desagrada profundamente que me insulten de esa manera. Suelo perder más que ganar y nunca renuncio.
Respecto a tus apreciaciones personales sobre mi persona, no me interesan.
Y escribo en español porque es mi idioma y estoy en mi derecho. También tengo que hacer esfuerzos para traducir cuando me hablan en ingles.
31 Jan, 2018 20:05
“Why the hell would I want to stop playing the game? If you have some accusations, report things officially and stop messaging us privately about such things.”
- I never said you should stop playing.
- The public message you mean wasn't mine.
- My only “out of the ordinary” message was explaining why I was resigning, and claiming, like you now, that if there are accusations they should be officially reported and not by rumors.

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31 Jan, 2018 21:10
I have left the game too, because I do not have time to put up with OG bullshit. There are better players around here who don't waste time accusing each other of cheating every time someone makes a mistake.

It doesn't matter if it was Pablo or whatever. I declared I don't want to play a game in which people use the game to accuse each other of cheating.

The game was good and we had plans to subjugate Bohemia, but apparently we cannot run this game because one gets a message of complaint every second round. So fuck that. Not you personally, of course. But the thing in general..
I still think it was a good game.
31 Jan, 2018 21:38
parece que los rumores solo dan problemas ultimamente.
31 Jan, 2018 22:26
Still, I think rumors are necessary, especially in games where the Pope excommunicates players and there is no other way to make contact with them.
31 Jan, 2018 23:59
El problema no son los rumores, son los jugadores que se olvidan que juegan contra otras personas y con tal de tener alguna mínima ventaja hacen cualquier cosa.
01 Feb, 2018 00:02
pero sin los rumores es mas dificil que esos jugadores se carguen la partida.