Conversion and siege

01 Jun, 2018 17:43

An army is under siege. Two friendly armies are nearby. What happens if the two armies support the one under siege to convert into army? Is the siege over?

01 Jun, 2018 17:50

Yes. The siege is over. And the army besieging would have to retreat

02 Jun, 2018 09:46

With only one friendly to? The garrison conversion with the support is power 2?

02 Jun, 2018 10:36

Yes. With one support is also possible, if the besieger has not force 2.

19 Jan, 2019 10:15

hmm.. Two scenarios: 1) army moves into a territory with a fortified city with support. The enemy army unit decides to retreat into the port city? Now that is one move. Now the army has to beseige the as part of the game. Can that unit retreat to the city and then convert to a fleet? I'm guessing not? And can other nearby friendly armies support the siege? Or does it now take two more seasons before a successful season after work..?

19 Jan, 2019 10:25

A unit can retreat to a city in turn one and then try to convert to a fleet in turn two just if the city is a port (anchor icon)

Other units can support the siege. A successful siege requires two turns. There is only one exception. If one country is assesinated (by the bank or by other player), all units under siege are destroyed.