Team Games

09 Jul, 2018 16:11

Hello, The Team Game "4 equipos 3 jugadores sin plagas" has gone somewhat "off the rails" as we say in english -- of the 4 starting teams, each only has one player left. 3 of the teams are allies now against the 4th and have been since the beginning.

The number of cites needed to win is "30*" and I think the asterisk means from the original team, which is unlikely to happen now.

My question is: how does this game end? Do the teams working as allies win the game when they have each accumulated over 10 cities (i.e. "30+ en total?) I cannot find documentation anywhere for this.

Thank you!

09 Jul, 2018 16:28

why do you think that is not posible for any team to get 30 cities?

no, team allies do not win the game. only 1 team can.

10 Jul, 2018 00:48

Thank you Z, for clarifying the rules of team play.

It is possible for a single player to get 30, but unlikely that they will be part of a team with no other members if they do so -- or so it seems to me.

Part of being a team-member is looking out for the good of the team, which sometimes precludes accumulating lots of cities on one's own. I have played as a "team ally" member. Had I known that, in order for a team of allies to win, that the game will by necessity evolve into a "betrayal festival" between players who have played well together, I may not have opted to participate. I find it disconcerting and am not sure what to do.

10 Jul, 2018 01:09

first, the 4 will grow the max you can. maybe some of you will be deleted before that maximum. then, you will play a 2 vs 1, until one of you get +20 cities. in that moment, the rest can do nothing to stop his victory. i get 43 cities one time. you can do this too.