The winner takes it all

05 Aug, 2018 13:22

I'm a player that grew up playing this game on board game rules. And one thing that in my opinion has dramatically changed the game is the rewarding system for 2nd place etc. I know it's a way of rewarding players that have achieved more than those that for example lost in the first year but it completely changes player behavior and the games climate. So I propose making an option like with the optional rules (storms, famince etc) "winner takes it all" where points go only to the winner and no one else. Would it be possible to do something like this?

05 Aug, 2018 15:23

Hi I think the same way but this topic has been extensively discussed here and most of the players prefer to keep the system as is


  1. More motivation for new players. They can obtain points easily that victories.
  2. Some people prefer to keep their word till the end before play for victory. it's is respectable.

I used to be frustrated by the point also, but then I decided to stop complaining and try to improve my number of victories and my winning percentage. There are players that, playing in the same situation, has a winning percentage much higher than me. And they are not complaining about other olayers not playing for victory and affecting the overall game.

But it is a healthy discussion and I am happy that you opened it again


05 Aug, 2018 16:05

Well ok, that's why I'm not saying to entirely change the rewarding system. Just to give an option for those that wish to play this way. It will have a negative impact on the players in the game considering the points but it would be voluntary and honestly I myself don't give a damn about them, I just want to play a game.

05 Aug, 2018 19:28

It would affect the ranking, but because I agree with mansete, I think it's a fine idea.

05 Aug, 2018 19:30

Yes it would affect the ranking but only in a negative way for those that choose this option (they get less points if they don't win) but like I said, I personally don't care about the ranking

Edited 05 Aug, 2018 19:30
05 Aug, 2018 20:15

No son sólo los puntos, es también el hecho de "al menos quedar segundo" (o tercero).

05 Aug, 2018 23:23

The points are not the important thing for me, but the satisfaction of winning oneself, or helping in the victory of a faithful ally. Although being sincere the game in which I enjoy the most, I was eliminated, but before that I completely destroyed a vile and miserable traitor.

06 Aug, 2018 00:41

The problem is that it's like having two football leagues playing together where in one of them you get three points for a win, and in the other you get two. Some (a lot?) care about the points, so it wouldn't be fair to them.

06 Aug, 2018 11:15

Ok, that's why I say, to make joining "the league with 2 points" a voluntary option, so that people who don't care about the points can play by the old rules. It won't be fair only to them but like I said, it will be voluntary

06 Aug, 2018 11:50

team games give no points to nobody and there are similar problems too.