The winner takes it all

08 Aug, 2018 00:39

Sure, whatever you say Z.

08 Aug, 2018 00:56

its no necesary you post to say i am right. look, dont understimate yourself. you can win any game you play. the key is try it until game is over.

08 Aug, 2018 10:13

Well ok, then if you don't want to don't choose it. I'd want to choose it and I'm sure there are some more people that will want to. It's in the climate of the game, you're trying to unify Italy and only the person that reaches the cities goal unifies it thus wins the game. Others failed. That's why I'd like to play it this way.

08 Aug, 2018 10:55

I would join Dulin, but only Strider could do it

08 Aug, 2018 13:06

yo ni me uniría ni rechazaría una partida por eso. Me importan más otras cosas. P.e., no me gustan los mapas de españa y centroeuropa, ni los mapas con credito limitado (o todo o nada), ni los sin finanzas ni otras reglas o combinaciones de reglas. Esa regla opcional para mí no tendria ningun peso en mi decision de unirme o no a esa partida.

08 Aug, 2018 13:17

Ok, but for me it would be important