14 Sep, 2018 00:10

What are their effects?

14 Sep, 2018 00:40

someone ask the same question than you:

what a astonishing coincidence!!

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14 Sep, 2018 00:59

O.O oh wow... and I'm not even old to blame my age... So sorry :|

08 Feb, 2019 08:08

Um.. Still learning here.. for a rebellion in a city, can I just "hold" in the territory? or do I have to convert to garrison and then "hold" to remove the rebellion?

Also I have noticed that you MUST select "hold" and cannot just leave the unit with no orders and let the default "hold" remove the rebellion - is that correct? Thanks.

08 Feb, 2019 10:16

Hi. To remove a rebellion in a city you have to besiege, two turns.

To remove a rebellion in a province you have to select hold, one turn. As you said, it is not enough to leave the unit with no orders.

08 Feb, 2019 21:38

Thank you Mansete!

12 Apr, 2019 08:09

Does it matter if the rebellion is in an enemy city you are entering? I remember there are some attack bonuses if the enemy has a unit there... but what if they don't?

12 Apr, 2019 09:06

The rebellion will always add force one to any enemy unit entering into the province