Error in game Maybe September

13 Dec, 2018 17:46

I submitted an error report 2 days ago but z told me this morning that the error reports are no longer checked. I'm posting the error here because I'm not sure where else to put it. My time for orders is about to expire so if someone could pause the game while we wait for a fix, that would be greatly appreciated (not sure who all has this power).

Error Summary:

Fleet in PAL must retreat because of double strength army convoyed from TUN through CM. However, the fleet in CM should have retreated, thus cancelling the convoy.

Relevant orders:

Naples orders:

The fleet in Tyrrhenian Sea tries to go to Western Mediterranean.

The fleet in Palermo supports the fleet in Ionian Sea to go to Central Mediterranean.

The fleet in Ionian Sea tries to go to Central Mediterranean.

France orders:

The army in Tunis tries to go to Palermo.

The fleet in Central Mediterranean must convoy the army in Tunis to Palermo.

The fleet in Western Mediterranean supports the fleet in Central Mediterranean to hold its position.

Error Details:

Support from the fleet in WM should have been cut by fleet in TS, this happened as expected: "The fleet in Western Mediterranean cannot carry out its support order."

Without this support, the fleet in IS should have successfully advanced to CM with support of fleet in PAL. However, the convoyed army cut support of the fleet in PAL: "The fleet in Palermo cannot carry out its support order."

Fleet conflicts should be resolved before land conflicts according to rule 7.4 (Interrupting a Convoy) in the official rule book.

The correct resolution should have been that IS moves to CM, fleet in CM retreats, convoy of army in TUN is cancelled.

*EDIT, formatted to be easier to read

Edited 13 Dec, 2018 17:51
13 Dec, 2018 18:25

you are right, but the game is no longer administrated.

13 Dec, 2018 18:33

Oh, not even error resolution! Sorry z, I failed to gather that from your last post, I thought you meant just the error reporting feature. I will just submit my retreat order and move on with the game. Thank you!