Trade routes

18 Feb, 2019 08:55

Would someone give me an explanation of these? Looked through anything that seemed even remotely like it may describe. Can't find anything. thanks

18 Feb, 2019 13:47

19 Feb, 2019 12:22


01 May, 2019 02:26

Is there an explanation in English?

Because I'm not getting quite a full picture from my translation into English of the rules.


01 May, 2019 03:24

It basically says that if you control a territory with trade routes you get 1 extra ducat per trade route, unless the path or destination of that trade route is occupied by an enemy unit. Neutral garrisons will have no effect. Sounds like it's quite difficult to gain much money from

07 May, 2019 10:42

Ok, so what determines which units along the trade route are 'enemy' units? Is that any other than your own?? For instance, in the game, 'Again my favourite map', would the only trade route earning Ducats be the one from HLS to KOL? And that would result in 4 extra D?

08 May, 2019 03:02

Each unobstructed trade route will earn 1d. Any unit other than your own will block it anywhere along the