Don't overthrow

01 Aug, 2019 22:34 smile

04 Aug, 2019 19:00

Strider would it help if we made more donations?smile

05 Aug, 2019 07:46

that could be a possibility, but we need to know if he has time ?

otherwise, the code is open source (link at the bottom) - a django framework (python), so if anybody out there has the time, courage and ability..?

05 Aug, 2019 07:52

Wish I knew more and could help. I sent a donation last year. Please someone help us all!

05 Aug, 2019 14:27

Apologies for the recent problems with the site. I'm currently thinking about its future, and you'll get news soon.

In the meantime, I have disabled the creation of new games. Sorry for the inconvenience.

06 Aug, 2019 06:00

What is the problem? Money, time, or both? Is there some way the community can help? Maybe another tech support person? I could ask around. Please let us know before you decide!

19 Aug, 2019 21:11

So it has been fixed. Thank you, Strider.

21 Aug, 2019 07:19

Thank you so much Strider... it is very appreciated. If I donate, where does the money go? We could try a donation drive, anyone interested?

22 Aug, 2019 17:45

You can just click the donate link in the bottom right corner.

23 Aug, 2019 13:47

Please, don't donate anything until I have made a decission about the site. Sorry for the delay.