02 Aug, 2019 06:37

When I go to the "Join" option it says:Server error 500smile,does that happen to any one else?

Edited 02 Aug, 2019 06:39
02 Aug, 2019 10:20


02 Aug, 2019 18:50

Is it another error or is it related to the "shut down"?

23 Aug, 2019 03:13

Hello web management! I've got a problem. The site won't let me Join any games since my karma is too low to join more than one game. It says I have one 'active' game, and yet, when I choose to see my active games, there are none listed. Not to mention that it is basically too low because I was shut out of the site for so long, I was overthrown from at least two games. Beyond my control.


I'd love to join another game and at least have the chance to regain my karma!

Thanks for your assistance!

24 Aug, 2019 10:56

It's probably a game that you were eliminated from, but is still ongoing. Can you confirm that?

Now you have to wait till it's over, then build karma slowly. I think.

Edited 24 Aug, 2019 10:56
03 Sep, 2019 04:43

Yes, the game is still running. I can't remember whether that was one I was kicked out of because the site was down or it was one I surrendered from. I'm pretty sure it was the former, because I think I was winning or at least doing well. Either way, the reason my Karma is so low is that the GOSH DARN site was down!

It is pretty weird that the error message says that I have to have more than 130 Karma to play more than 0 games?!?

Surely if I'm not playing ANY games, there could be an exception made?

Anyway. If whomever is running the show could let me know, I'd appreciate.

Happy Gaming!