Inquiry on the Iron Islands

09 Dec, 2019 21:48

Can the Iron Islands (GoT map) ever be taken without bribery?

They are two islands that can support each other. They are surrounded by a single sea patch.

This means that, even with an élite fleet, the enemy can always have, at best, one fleet in the surrounding sea.

Transports won't help. Support during the attack is impossible.

Is there a way... exception made for the plague?

I am asking this to check if I know the rules well enough -- because it seems to me that some positions are mathematically impossible to take.

10 Dec, 2019 07:53

if iron islands chooses to keep two units there at all times, yes, it is not possible without bribery, but that would not be very... visionary

10 Dec, 2019 08:25

Correct GypsyK. In a game without finances and briberies if Iron decided to keep two units, one in each island. They will never be defeated and will survive until the end of the game. Guaranteed 2 points! lol

10 Dec, 2019 10:55

Famine and plague could also have something to say

11 Dec, 2019 07:56

And money. Maybe you cannot uphold them

15 Dec, 2019 05:21

Thank you for your contributions. Are there other similar situations in the game? Corsica and Sardinia, maybe?

15 Dec, 2019 07:27

I can only think of MALLO in the Reconquista scenarios. You need a situation where island(s) are surrounded by 1 sea zone. smile