Bloody New Year

31 Dec, 2019 16:41

Hi guys

I wish you all a Bloody New Year with high hopes that this site will live on.

Thanks for all the skirmishes of 2019!

31 Dec, 2019 20:32

Hi Crano,

Thanks for your message and I wish you a wonderful 2020...

Hopping that this site will live on too

Happy new year!!!!

02 Jan, 2020 08:17

Hi Cranocide. Thank you for the New Year wishes. Passing on all good wishes to yourself and all of the other players too.

I have been absent for well over six months, my apologies. Have I missed some issues about Condottieri's continued existence?

03 Jan, 2020 16:04

The site demands maintenance, and Strider doesn't have the time, so he is thinking hard about its future while we're all holding our breath.

04 Jan, 2020 00:55

I'm assuming that all options are being explored to support Strider?

08 Jan, 2020 16:19

we have told him that we'd help and are waiting for his conclusion.

09 Jan, 2020 19:48

I was submitting a response to this thread and trying to offer ideas and when I pressed "Submit" the 501 error page came up and then none of it worked, so if it was me... I apologize. To the powers that be, I wish to offer my assistance, but I am no programmer. I can only offer monetary value and promotional support by getting new players involved. Keep the faith, and long live! (I'm afraid to press "submit" now..)smile