Thirty Years War - Map details?

15 Mar, 2020 22:59

Scenario: The Swedish Intervention

Under "Cities that give additional income" there are no cities listed. However on the map, it seems that at least CBO and HOL give 3 Ducates each. What is the correct value for these cities, 1 or 3? Are there other cities with income other than 1?

16 Mar, 2020 00:39

The cities that provide extra income as printed on them are HOL, LOA, CBO, BAD, HLS. The number printed is the value given!

16 Mar, 2020 00:57

Thanks for your quick reply. By now I found a map without markers, so I could see the numbers. In addition to the ones you listed, there is also BAY, a 3 ressource city.

But I still wonder, why are all these cities not listed under "Cities that give additional income" in the scenario description?