Thirty Years War - Change of control?

18 Mar, 2020 15:42

It seems, in this scenario control of provinces changes only at the end of a fall turn, not after movement in each turn? And if it is so, can somebody point me to a link, where I can study all differences between Machiavelli as boardgame and as played on ?

18 Mar, 2020 16:23

Hi The change is at the end of fall in all the scenarios

Maybe you have Machiavelli version one rules

We are playing second edition rules here

Best regards

Edited 18 Mar, 2020 16:23
18 Mar, 2020 16:36

Thanks for your quick reply, Mansete.

Are you using Battleline edition rules, or Avalon Hill edition rules? If AH edition, from which year?

18 Mar, 2020 20:45

Avalon hill second edition. Not sure about the year.