Most balanced scenarios?

21 Mar, 2020 08:59

Hello, this is a question for the experienced fellow gamers on this site:

Which are the most balanced scenarios on each of the four available maps? If you want to put in the effort, list two answers for each scenario, if they differ in your opinion: 1. Basic rules only 2. All or almost all optional rules on

Thank you so much for your input

21 Mar, 2020 09:45

In my opinion:

  1. Tournament 2013
  2. The Hungarian Revenge

For the other scenarios I don't see anyone balance

I like to play to 23 cities because that avoids 'coups' and benefit the best players.

I also like to use all the optional rules cause they introduce uncertainty and a good ruler should manage uncertainty.

Edited 21 Mar, 2020 10:22
21 Mar, 2020 10:22

Mansete, I follow your reasoning regarding 23 cities and optional rules. How can I enable the optional rules Taxation and Variable Home Countries, while setting up a new game? The other optional rules have a tick box.

What do you consider the most balanced scenario on reconquista map?

I will now check-out the two scenarions you mentioned above.

21 Mar, 2020 10:23

Taxation and variable home countries were tested for a while but are not available anymore.

About reconquista map, I don't see any balance scenario.

21 Mar, 2020 10:46

You are right, using the "See Stats" function the standard deviation of the both scenarios mentioned by you seem to indicate that they are much more balanced than most other scenarios.

Funnily enough, scenario "King of Italy" has an even better, lesser, standard deviation. But in my subjective view, it seems totally unbalanced, especially without any optional rules, as finances could potentially even out the otherwise totally marginalised powers Genoa and Venice.

But what do I know, I am a total noob without a single game finished.

21 Mar, 2020 14:15

What other experienced players have opinions on most balanced scenarios?

24 Mar, 2020 10:41

Mansete, what were arguments for and against optional rules "Taxation" and "Variable Home Country", while they were tested? Can you point me to a discussion?

Thank you so much for your efforts

24 Mar, 2020 14:37

They didn't work properly. It weren't arguments against the rules but bugs of the implementation