Visible Players? - what does it mean

23 Mar, 2020 10:49

Hi folks

I'm a total Noob on Condottieri, and I've just signed up to join my first game.

One of the game attributes is 'Visible Players?' Yes/No.

What does this mean? I wondered if Visible Players? NO ... would mean that I would not be able to communicate with other states - or is it just that I can't see the identity of who is playing which state?

Thanks Andy

23 Mar, 2020 10:59

It means that you don't see which player rules a country.

For example, you don't see that Mansete is ruling France, you just see 'france'

For noobs it is not very important, but when you are playing against veteran players you know they tactics, if you can trust them or not, etc

23 Mar, 2020 12:13

Thanks Mansete. That makes perfect sense.