Having Challenges Navigating the Site

23 Mar, 2020 15:21

Hi Condottieri Community:

I have a group of 6-7 friends who used to play the board game Machiavelli and are interested in trying it online. I see the scenarios, but I'm not quite sure how to set-up a game with them? Where on the site do I find that information?

Thanks, The Flinker

23 Mar, 2020 15:28


On the home page you click on new

Maybe you don't have enough karma to crate a game. If so, let me know the characteristics of the game (scenario, number of cities for victory, optional rules...) And the usernames and I will create it for you

25 Mar, 2020 04:55

Thanks, Mansete! We now have 9 players. I don’t even know what Karma is in the game so I doubt I have much. I will try and get a little more acquainted with the site and then reach out to you. Cheers, TheFlinker

25 Mar, 2020 09:02

I am also available to host or if you have questions. Glad you are getting more players to join.

25 Mar, 2020 11:19

About karma

25 Mar, 2020 14:48

Thanks Mansete and BB!