Thirty Years War - Finances?

24 Mar, 2020 10:18

Each power has its own individual variable income table according to the list under Scenarios > Countries, correct?

Does the program use the same die roll for each power? Or does the program use a new die roll for each power? Example: In fall 1630 one die is rolled = 4 and now this 4 is applied to each individual variable income table?

If only one die roll for all, the difference in variable income is very small (1-2d), with new die roll for each power it can be bigger (1-6d).

In gossip messages some player thinks it is only one die roll for all, other player thinks it is new die roll for each power.

Who knows, how program handles it?

24 Mar, 2020 16:35

Yes, each power has his own variable income take and dice roll.

08 Apr, 2020 18:35

General question on variable income: Let's assume, individual variable income for powers work as intended and the national tables under are actually used with one universal die roll.

Is it possible, that cities, which give extra income (like Rome or Naples in some scenarios) are using a normal 1-6 table, even if their current controlling power has its variable income table only 1-4?

So a power with double income = YES will get 2x the universal regular die roll on their individual table, thereas the extra income from a city is an independant die roll on 1-6?