In the game "Guerra de los 30 aƱos" United Provinces controls in fall 1300 only its starting home countries HOL(3), UTR(1), DRE(0), FRI(1). No new province has been conquered. No fleet is at sea.

The program reports United Provinces raises 16 ducats.

How is that possible?

I would have expected 4d for provinces, 5d for cities, 0d for trade, 0d for sea areas. This adds up to 9d plus xd from variable income.

United Provinces Excommunication power no Available special units Elite mercenaries (6d) Editor strider Variable incomes Setting Income table Thirty Years War 2, 3, 3, 4, 5, 6

So the variable income table shows a max of 6d from that source and only if a 6 is rolled. But even 6d do not add up with 9d to 16d. Something is wrong.

What am I missing here?