Report error

29 Mar, 2020 09:36

Does somebody act on these error reports in a game?

29 Mar, 2020 13:11

Not anymore. The admin is overloaded with work in his 'real live,' We need someone who knows Phyton and has some time.

I just try to solve questions about the rules

29 Mar, 2020 13:21

Mansete, did you find an answer for the issue raised in the topic: The Thirty Years War - Finances 2?

29 Mar, 2020 13:36

No. But the finances have been working fine for years. I don't think something is wrong

29 Mar, 2020 14:46


On the forums, I created, in Spanish several post with my advices

For example

Maybe you could read them with a translator

Feel free to ask me any doubt

Edited 29 Mar, 2020 14:59