The IKEA invasion - Strategic Movement

29 Mar, 2020 09:44

A simple move does not work. All conditions for strategic movement are fulfilled. Strategic movement worked before for me in this game. I reported the error by using the in-game report error form. Can anybody help before time limit runs out??

29 Mar, 2020 12:07

What movement do you want to play?

29 Mar, 2020 12:32


29 Mar, 2020 12:49

I suppose that is BRA - FRI

To do so, you would need am extra fleet at SD

It can't go through land cause there is and army in UTR

29 Mar, 2020 13:06

Thank you, Mansete. Yes, BRA - FRI was intended. I did not know/understand, that not only the target province needs to be empty, but also all provinces leading to the target must also be empty.

29 Mar, 2020 13:09

My pleasure