Strategic movement - bug?

03 Apr, 2020 08:37

I'm in a Millenium Cataclysm game, with strategic movement.

After the first move, there are no options for me to make a strategic move - so the dropdowns on my orders panel are empty ------ . Hence I cannot, repeat cannot, submit any orders.

Apparently, I have lost 10 Karma points for not submitting orders! smile


03 Apr, 2020 08:57

I've just gone through the interaction again, and this time it has accepted my (blank) orders. I'm very confused about what's happening.

03 Apr, 2020 09:41

Usually it's possible to submit blank orders. There may be the possibility that you didn't notice the first time.

03 Apr, 2020 10:05

I agree. You can submit blank orders, you must have missed it. BL

03 Apr, 2020 12:05

It did report an error about required fields, but it seems that when I ignored that error message and submitted again, the blank orders went through. I guess this is a 'nice to have'. hey ho ;-)