Can units support into areas they can not go to?

07 Apr, 2020 15:50

Example Renaissance map:

F ANC S A SPO H Possible or not?

F ANC S A ROME-SPO Possible or not?

07 Apr, 2020 16:02

No. They can't

07 Apr, 2020 16:35

30Y War map: HLS is a coastal area containing a F. OSN is a neighboring landlocked area containing an A. It seems, the illegitimate orders are processed. What do you think, Mansete?

This is copied from process log: Year: 1632 Season: Fall Timestamp: April 7, 2020, 10:40 a.m. Log: Processing orders in game guerra-de-los-30-ano Step 2a: Cancel supports from units under attack. Checking order F HLS S A OSN H. Step 2b: Cancel supports from units that will be dislodged. Step 5: Process conflicts. Fleet in HLS - Holstein was ordered: F HLS S A OSN H.

07 Apr, 2020 23:04


Yes. That is an error in the map

07 Apr, 2020 23:25

Or is it the other way around? The map is correct, but the condition: movement possible YES/NO is coded wrongly?

07 Apr, 2020 23:37

Could be. I don't know how it works internally.

07 Apr, 2020 23:46

Are there more areas known, which do not work as intended?

08 Apr, 2020 00:40

Not by me

08 Apr, 2020 19:16

There is one spot that I know of that does not work as supposed to: in Bigbang silencioso the Army in Padua supported the Fleet in Venice to hold and the Fleet in Upper Adriatic supported the Fleet in Treviso to advance into Venice but nothing happened.

08 Apr, 2020 19:44

Interesting. Thank you, Xman! Let us all put in other suspicious areas, when we encounter them!