Game turn length

27 Jul, 2020 13:25

I have played only a dozen games so far on this platform, which is not a lot compared to the guys who joined earlier than this year.

It seems, we are now down to about 30 regular players. Half a year ago, about 60 players were in active games.

I wonder, how many players are leaving the community, do not join pending games anylonger, because they lose interest and rhythm, when their games start with game turns > 1 day? Several players informed in messages, that they want a specific game to just end, as it takes eternities to move forward.

Now I understand, everybody can choose to join or not to join a game setting to their liking. I heard before concerns, that 12h turns are too short and are impossible to meet.

In reality, these turns take about 1 day on average anyway, with time extensions because of Karma, with small delays, which do not cause an overthrow immediately, and finally with the inevitable revolution, when one player after another just leaves the game, when they realise, they will not win this one.

And how many minutes does it really take to send 2-3 lines of text in a message? Usually there are only 2-3 short periods of time of intense negotiation in a game. In most turns most players send only one or none short message. Time needed for giving all orders and sending one message: about 5min

So I want to promote the idea to start more games with shorter game turns! Optimum is 12h, 24h is just bearable. It is NOT stressful, the schedule is easy to meet. And with games moving along faster, maybe there is also less reason for abandoning a position and games get less often delayed by overthrown governments ...

I encourage you to give a short turn game a try!

28 Jul, 2020 20:45

A fine question, and you raise some decent points. I obviously can't speak for everyone, but some of the perceived issues you mention relate to the fact that many games seem to follow a trajectory of initial scramble, a critical phase, and sometimes prolonged progression toward the inevitable winner established in the critical phase. So perhaps players are more willing to interact in the earlier phases, but then become disinterested in a game once a predictable outcome clarifies. This is a global concern about the game, not just turn length. Just my two cents.

29 Jul, 2020 14:32

I would say trying to defend a hopeless position tests the skill and resolve of a player. Frustrating an opponent can be just as rewarding as becoming the victor. I enjoy all aspects of the game and often relish trying to put up a fight when an aggressor is trying to conquer me. The game is all about outwitting your opponent. Sometimes sheer economics will mean you can not, win unless the other players are incompetent. But I would have to try any way.

I agree with the comments above though, other players should consider all within the game rather than just abandoning the game when it is clear they cannot win - the game is about playing and enjoyment, not always about being a winner or choosing to be selfish. Besides, you learn so much by hanging on in.

Shorter game times do not fit in well with me because I know there can be times when I am called away and I cannot fulfil my turn. That makes it unfair for others when I am forced to missed turns. My apologies for not joining every game on offer.

04 Aug, 2020 18:14

Just a couple of considerations about your thoughts. First, the number of players is always variable, but in the summer use to be a breaktime for many of them, people like to take full time vacations It seems. I Hope in september there Will be a reconecting of most players. And about the 1/2 day games, well, it's obvious that for a number of reasons most players don't like them, some have fixed ours to play once each day, some connect when they remember it, and others forgot it so many times that their Karma vanishes in two games. Yes, it's not so hard to get some time for them, but the truth is that not many people is ready, so keep trying to convince players to join seems nearly impossible. Try the one day ones instead. And about the lack of interest in finishing games when it's clear you won't win, well, some players have that problem, nothing to do about it, at least the overthrow mechanism allows games to continue. It's a version of playing games on a table, the longer they last, the most probably one player will dessapear, I've been experimenting 30 years that problem, and it's just something you must learn to live with, even if it's always a nuisance.