06 Sep, 2012 10:52

i see a ‘surrendered’ flag in one of the games. what does that mean?
Edited 06 Sep, 2012 10:52
06 Sep, 2012 11:01
Sombody has click in surrender. Is a quick revolution.

A player decide to leave the game. If somebody overthrow, the change is inmediate.

Look at this:
The column voluntary means that a player is leaving the game or the turn time is over.

I think that Jinete has left all the games.
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06 Sep, 2012 11:02
Ojú, que mal inglés tengo.

Somebody has clicked in the surrender buttom. It's a faster revolution.
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06 Sep, 2012 12:58
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12 May, 2019 02:49

If a country surrenders INvoluntarily, or misses a turn, the white flag occurs? Does the white flag occur whether they choose it or not? If the turn time expires again, the country just does not move, as if they had been assassinated?

12 May, 2019 04:09

The white flag happens only if the player surrenders voluntarily. If he/she only misses a turn, then a sleeping face icon shows in the Countries board. I don't know if the answer to the last question