Making a loan to repay a loan

17 Mar, 2012 14:04
I'm somehow not able to make a loan in this turn. This isn't possibly due to me having a loan already? Because I need a loan to repay a loan. There is still room for a loan. What's wrong?

BTW, I don't see the loans of other players anywhere, nor their expenses. That stuff is normally public. I also can't find any history of income or the income rolls. Isn't it there or am I too blind to find it?

Also, the information on other power's moves is hard to read. It should read something like this in a table:

A AUS - TYR | bounce with TYR
A COMO S AUS - TYR | cut by PAV
A CRO - SLA | bounce with CAR, dislodged by FRI


this is much easier to read. 3rd column for retreats.


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17 Mar, 2012 14:06
This forum doesn't seem to recognize single breaks but only two breaks smile
The above orders should be in one row each, of course.
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17 Mar, 2012 14:56
Odoaker, in the official rules it seems that you can chain loans as long as you don't exceed your credit limit. However this is not still implemented here because a misinterpretation. So, I'm very sorry but you (anybody) can't do that.

Regarding the conflict resolution, maybe it's not represented as you expect, but sure you can understand it with a little effort.

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07 Jul, 2012 19:17
has the chain loan been implemented yet?
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07 Jul, 2012 19:36
Not yet, exmeretrix. But it will be, eventually.
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08 Jul, 2012 02:37
I vote to keep chain loans out of the game, regardless of what the rules to the original game are. Having a 25d limit is ridiculous enough as it is, and only promotes poor play from bad players.
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08 Jul, 2012 07:28
I remembered it from the old game and am not heart broken if its not available. Might be a good optional setting.
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08 Jul, 2012 12:16
Dmac, with the loans that I implemented here (your limit depends on the number of cities and units), chained loans wouldn't be too powerful.

The optional rule of “unbalanced loans” (limit of 25d) is, in my opinion, too unbalancing, but I don't think that it will be worsened by chained loans.

So I simply suggest that you try not to use this optional rule. But the truth is that I myself play with this unbalanced rule sometimes and it's fun too.
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08 Jul, 2012 13:14
> I vote to keep chain loans out of the game

Then why loans at all?

> Having a 25d limit is ridiculous enough as it is

You don't know what you're talking about

> and only promotes poor play from bad players

Since when are we changing rules to prevent poor play?
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08 Jul, 2012 13:19
Oh wait, you meant it's ridiculous to have a 25d limit when you can only make one loan. Yes, that's correct.

Once again I can only point to
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