Making a loan to repay a loan

08 Jul, 2012 13:21
Chained loans are a great improvement and would make loans more interesting and useful. Games would be more unpredictable and strategies more varied and complex. IMO.
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08 Jul, 2012 13:34
BTW, I remember a rule for online play that says you can't transfer money to other players to prevent making a (big) loan and give it to another player (to constrain colluding and revenge acts).

On our site, this was never necessary.

Machiavelli is a rather complex game and it's not easy to establish a good game online. But even removing money altogether won't prevent NMRs (and bad play). I hope your Karma system works well. On our site, we didn't allow NMRs: The game would wait until someone would submit orders (current player or replacement).

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08 Jul, 2012 13:35
*Gosh: The rule said you can't transfer <b>when having a loan</b> sorry
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08 Jul, 2012 18:27
ey Odoaker!, welcome back, I hope you play some more games.

My vote to chain loans!, they are very important.
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08 Jul, 2012 20:52
Thank you Mansete! I will give it a shot when the loans are fixed.
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08 Jul, 2012 22:14
Odoaker, I like this option of disallowing money transfers when you have a loan. I don't know if we really need it, but it's interesting.
Edited 08 Jul, 2012 22:14
30 May, 2019 05:57

So, except for the '25' unbalanced loans, your borrowing limit is:

Number of units, plus number of controlled provinces? And is that the total for just the principle? For example, if I've borrowed 10 for two years, and have a 8 units and 8 provinces, can I borrow another 6 ducats? Before I've paid the other principle (plus interest) off?

30 May, 2019 07:30

Yes to the 3 questions