Error reporting

19 Oct, 2012 08:50
To keep the forum cleaner, to protect the players' privacy and to receive error reports more quickly, I have created a form to report possible errors in the games. You can go to the form using the link right at the bottom in the game view.

Since errors are now reported by email, please use this form responsibly.
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20 Oct, 2012 07:40
hail strider!
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20 Oct, 2012 09:35
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20 Oct, 2012 12:43
Perhaps it could be a good idea to send errors to the forum instead of mail so the community could help you to solve some errors.
Edited 20 Oct, 2012 12:43
20 Oct, 2012 12:49
good point
Edited 20 Oct, 2012 12:49
20 Oct, 2012 14:11
The form is meant just for errors in the turn adjudication.

Nonetheless, you can still use the forum to report errors. Just if you use the form, I get the report faster.
Edited 20 Oct, 2012 14:11
05 Feb, 2014 03:12
I am getting notice of missed turn in ‘winter-is-coming-but I’m wearing north face tech gear' but I have nothing to do and no buttons to push - its a retreat phase and none of my units are retreating. I have had 2 reminders now.

Playing westerlands

You have received the following notice from
You have neglected your government
duties in game ‘Winter is Coming but I’m Wearing North Face Technical Gear' and you have been penalized.

Go to the game
To see other notices or change how you receive notifications, please go to
05 Feb, 2014 09:45
Catenaccio. There is a link button in the game. Downside the wispers and diary.
There you can report the errors.
05 Feb, 2014 10:21
Thank you, Migue. This report was already answered by email.
13 Dec, 2018 15:10

Currently have an error report out that I submitted two days ago and my time for orders is about to expire. I'm wondering who processes error reports these days as I have heard nothing back.