Error reporting

13 Dec, 2018 15:30

nobody, there is no more activity for errors report.

13 Dec, 2018 15:47

Oh ok, where is the best place to post my errors concerning conflict resolution? And who can fix it, if they can still be fixed.

Edited 13 Dec, 2018 15:47
23 Feb, 2019 00:37

Hi in End game Milan moved in strategic movement from TYR to MOD... How is that possible? smile

23 Feb, 2019 01:11

that is the normal funtion of the ME. what is the problem?

23 Feb, 2019 01:20

It's that the unit moves like 3 extra spaces.

23 Feb, 2019 06:02

yes. it can do it. or 7, or 18.

23 Feb, 2019 07:23


31 Mar, 2019 18:12

It appears that the special rules Venice lagoon rules as stated in Avalon-Hill 2nd ed are not implemented? A unit should not be able to move into Venice if it's Venice is garrisoned?

If I understand the AH rules correctly, it definitely seems like a bug: Code here:

Venice seems like the only area that has a "mixed" attribute, which is probably a bad name for what it actually means:

26 Apr, 2019 08:36

Hang on... How and When can a unit move far more than 1 space during the Strategic Move order phase???? "It's that the unit moves like 3 extra spaces."

"yes. it can do it. or 7, or 18"

That seems a little strange??

26 Apr, 2019 09:43

Yes, in strategic movement you can move a unit anywhere (even by ship) as long as it's within your territory. Even through famine! Fleets can move to sea zones adjacent to controlled territory. And you can keep your fleet in a storm and then "strategic" move it out! Welcome to the Strategic move game (not my favourite).