Error reporting

13 Dec, 2018 15:30

nobody, there is no more activity for errors report.

13 Dec, 2018 15:47

Oh ok, where is the best place to post my errors concerning conflict resolution? And who can fix it, if they can still be fixed.

Edited 13 Dec, 2018 15:47
23 Feb, 2019 00:37

Hi in End game Milan moved in strategic movement from TYR to MOD... How is that possible? smile

23 Feb, 2019 01:11

that is the normal funtion of the ME. what is the problem?

23 Feb, 2019 01:20

It's that the unit moves like 3 extra spaces.

23 Feb, 2019 06:02

yes. it can do it. or 7, or 18.

23 Feb, 2019 07:23


31 Mar, 2019 18:12

It appears that the special rules Venice lagoon rules as stated in Avalon-Hill 2nd ed are not implemented? A unit should not be able to move into Venice if it's Venice is garrisoned?

If I understand the AH rules correctly, it definitely seems like a bug: Code here:

Venice seems like the only area that has a "mixed" attribute, which is probably a bad name for what it actually means: