Player Elimination and Control

06 Jun, 2012 19:53
Referring to the game Duquetest2 where Naples was just eliminated, it appears that Naples's units were removed before the control markers were updated. For example in Messina, Naples had a garrison, while Venice had a fleet. Without elimination, this would result in an uncontrolled province, however after the elimination Venice gains control. Is this correct?

The original rules are not clear on this point. All they say is: “If you control no cities in your home country at the end of a turn, you are eliminated from the game….”

This would suggest to me that elimination should happen AFTER the markers are updated, and not before, because it is only after the control markers are updated that the condition is satisfied. In the example above, this would mean Messina should stay uncontrolled after the elimination.

Is there an official ruling on this?
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07 Jun, 2012 00:54
Delps, as you say, the original rules are not clear on this point, and when I programmed this version I had to make a decision.

Because of technical (and also logical) reasons, to prevent loops that could have unexpected results, this situation is managed as follows:

- First the programm checks if there will be any eliminated countries (countries that will not control any of their home cities at the end of year). These countries are eliminated and their units disbanded.
- Then, controls are updated.
- Finally, if conquering is enabled, the programm checks if any countries are conquered.

This system is (technically and logically) simple and predictable. By the way, I don't agree with you that Messina should stay uncontrolled, since there's a single unit in Messina at the end of year and therefore this unit should control Messina.

I don't know any official rulings on this.
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07 Jun, 2012 01:06
no sé si entendí bien.. esto quiere decir que si turkia perdió TUN en 1313, y en 1314 pierde ALB y DUR, pero recupera TUN.. ¿vive (porque recupera TUN ese año) o muere (porque al final del año no controla ni ALB, ni DUR ni TUN (tiene su flota en TUN, pero aun no lo controla))?
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07 Jun, 2012 10:41
The program knows that The Turks will control TUN at the end of year, so they are not eliminated.

Z666, por favor, en inglés en este foro smile
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07 Jun, 2012 19:01
Ok, thanks for the explanation.
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25 Feb, 2019 05:27

Does the unit(s) of a country about to have none of their flag provinces within their control (ie during the fall season) carry out their orders? And then they are disbanded due to the control shift? I guess technically the control hasn't shifted until all the orders have finished... And so if a garrison in the last flagged city is being besieged, even for the first time, that garrison in the natal province no longer controls the province. So the garrison will be disbanded at the end of the Fall season, yes?

25 Feb, 2019 06:54

Yes, the garrison holding the last flag will not control the Flag/Province if under siege and therefore will be eliminated. Control of that province will then fall to the unit besieging. smile