11 Jan, 2012 07:03
Hi there

First of all, I would like to thank the developers for a very nice job: Reviving Machiavelli online is just super mega cool!

After having played for a little time, I encountered som things that could be improved, even though I don't know if improvements are still being made to this site.

The following are just suggestions and should be considered as such, and some are probably impossible to implement:

1: Better history. Where did I come from, where did I try to go? The log is a good, but tedious way of retracing movements. Is it possible to indicate movements with arrows on the map? The main reason - a part from being virtual - that the Machiavelli online version differs from the classic board game, is that it is quite hard to follow all the movements of all the players.

1a: Also, sometimes, you have to hit F5 in order to update the movements.

2: Have you asked those who created Machiavelli originally about permission for publishing the rules?

3: It would be nice if it was possible to always be able to view one's starting cities directly on the game screen, for example here:

4: On the score-list on the left where all participants are listed with number of cities and units, etc., it would be nice to have a small representation of the coat of arms of each Power.

5: This link (Documentation), which is at the bottom of each page, doesn't work:

6: On your gamescreen (for example here:, you should be able to see the mail correspondance pertaining to that particular game.

7: A /sort function in the mailing list could be nice.

8: On two occasions, I was caught pressing the ‘done’ button too soon with no possibility of regretting: This is during the military adjustments and purchase phase: Either a pop-up window should warn you, or it should be possible to go back and adh´just, just like in the order writing phases.

That's all for now. I hope it's all going to be implemented, but I've always been an optimist.

Thanks again for having developed and hosted Machiavelli!

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11 Jan, 2012 09:07
Cranocide, you're welcome, and I thank you for taking some time to make suggestions to improve the site. Of course, improvements are still being made, but at the moment there's only one developer (me) and I don't have all the time that I would like.

I will comment your suggestions in the same order you made them:

1. That's very interesting, and I will think about it. Honestly, I doesn't seem easy to me, but I'll try to find a solution.
1a. I don't really know why this happens, but I think that it has something to do with browser cache. In fact, this behavior is not the same in all browsers. If some of you have experience with caching and/or web servers, maybe you can give me a hint.
2. No, I haven't. As far as I know, Hasbro has the rights. I made this site just as a hobby, I think that I'm making quite a fair use, and at this time the site is still quite small. A time may come when I should ask about the rights. Of course, the anwser could be negative, and that company has a history of lawsuits against online versions of its games.
3. I don't really understand this suggestion. Could you explain it?
4. That one is easy smile In fact, I'm working on it, as part of other improvements.
5. Oops! I will fix this ASAP.
6. Yes, this would be very convenient, and I'm already working on it.
7. Good suggestion. Often, this kind of feature is not implemented because I always try to release new features soon, so they are not always well finished. On the other hand, if I released new features only when they are finished, maybe I would never release them at all smile
8. Yeah, that's an old suggestion that I must fix.

Again, thanks a lot for your ideas! I hope you to be here for a long time.
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11 Jan, 2012 10:04
Thanks for your replies.

Concerning suggestion #3: In each scenario each power has a number of starting cities: If you loose these cities, you loose the game. It would be nice to just have them displayed on your current game-screen (for example I admit that it is a suggestion for the lazy or those with bad memory… but it came to my mind because I couldn't remember Milan's starting cities in one of the scenarios and didn't check for it, which almost made me loose quite rapidly.

I didn't know about the company's history of lawsuits against online versions of its games… thats sad.

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11 Jan, 2012 11:55
My english is so bad , but I shall try to give my opinion:
I think the point number 8 is very important.
I would like to say 2 things more :
- One place for control the economy of the others countrys .
- When there is the retry of one unit; sometimes, exist only one solution “disband”. Is posible the system do it automatically and not be waiting 2 or 3 days for the player execute “disband”??
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11 Jan, 2012 12:12
Jubacas, regarding the economy of other players, it has been discused in other thread, where I suggested something like an accounting summary for each country. However, it was argued that some players make the effort to calculate the savings of other players, and this would mean a reward for lazy players (I myself don't make this effort and I think this is fair).

About your second suggestion, it's an old one, and it's perfectly possible and convenient.
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11 Jan, 2012 12:15
I disagree about controlling other players' economy. That should be a reward for players who invests more time in the game.

Vamos, que yo también soy un poco vaguete para eso, y entiendo que si alguien se está currando unos excels y está dedicando tiempo a estudiar eso, pues es una ventaja que se merece adquirir sobre mí. :-p
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11 Jan, 2012 12:15
Joder Strider, deja de contestar a todo tan rápido :-p
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11 Jan, 2012 12:45
Cranocide, I'm not really sure of what you mean. Home cities can be made out because they have a flag with your color. Or maybe are you suggesting some kind of list?
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11 Jan, 2012 12:49
“However, it was argued that some players make the effort to calculate the savings of other players, and this would mean a reward for lazy players (I myself don't make this effort and I think this is fair).”

I agree - I do not keep track of it myself, but think that those who do it should be rewarded; it's the same in classic Machiavelli: You can hide your money if you want, but the other players have the possibility to keep track if they want.

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11 Jan, 2012 13:00
“ Home cities can be made out because they have a flag with your color”.

Well, that's exactly what I was looking for, I just hadn't noticed, sorry smile
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