15 Jun, 2012 22:43
I think that now only last 6 months games are considered in hall of fame.
Yes, the 900 points of oxto are from the last 6 months.
Edited 15 Jun, 2012 22:43
16 Jun, 2012 01:52
Not really. Points are devaluated with time. To know the value of a game score in the ranking, you have to use this equation:

Rv = V * (1 - Age * 0.025)

where Rv is the devaluated value, V is the points that you got in a game and Age is the number of months since the game finished.

Maximum devaluation is 0.5.

For example, if you got 30 points 6 months ago:

Rv = 30 * (1 - 6 * 0.025) = 25.5 points

I can consider the possibility of modifying these factors to get a faster devaluation.
Edited 16 Jun, 2012 01:52
12 Jul, 2012 23:42
I'ts been so long since I have played the boardgame that I can't remember how it played out regarding the following situation: Support from an elite unit was completely nullified by an attacking regular unit with no support. Should it not be the case that the elite unit is still able to provide support with the strength of one, not two in this situation?
Edited 12 Jul, 2012 23:42
12 Jul, 2012 23:57
Dmac, this situation was ( I read in an errata by AH that this elite unit should lose 1 strength point, but I don't think so. My interpretation is that a unit's “attention” cannot be divided and an attack distracts the whole unit from his support order.

Also, from a programming point of view, the current system is much simpler.
Edited 12 Jul, 2012 23:57
13 Jul, 2012 00:17
it is disputable I think, divided attention/strenght. I see args for both solution, and I would stick to original rules if they covered it - they had discussed it already for sure!
Edited 13 Jul, 2012 00:17
13 Jul, 2012 01:53
I would completely disagree with your logic Strider, an elite unit could divide it's soldiers into two separate squads and perform both orders and be just as effective as two regular units. Units in this game are based on Armies and Fleets, not individual soldiers or single ships.

In my opinion, considering that elites are double the cost, they should be doubly effective as a regular unit in all situations, or they are a waste of ducats.
Edited 13 Jul, 2012 01:53
13 Jul, 2012 07:54
Dmac, I don't agree with you. If an elite unit were always doubly effective in all situations, it could be argued that it could attack two areas, or finish a siege in only one turn, or convoy two armies. It's obvious that this is not so.

As Dulin says, there are arguments for both interpretations. I think that the current implementation is better and it is far simpler from a programming perspective.
Edited 13 Jul, 2012 07:54
13 Jul, 2012 10:49
Rules say the units have double strength, not effectiveness smile and we can discuss the differences.

Current implementation is not better Strider, it is what you think, and it is different than rules (errata) say. Due to programming issue as I understand.

If it is tough to stick to original, in my opinion in this case, attacked by regular unit the special should keep full strength instead of being nullyfied. It is more fair, I think, to give more “special” to special, than “extra power” to regular.
Edited 13 Jul, 2012 10:49
13 Jul, 2012 10:54
I agree, it is not fair. If we cannot split the power and keep 1 point in this case - keep full strength, yes.

Edited 13 Jul, 2012 10:54
13 Jul, 2012 11:02
Johnnyd, I will look at it and see how I could program it.
Edited 13 Jul, 2012 11:02