11 Sep, 2012 12:41
thanks. i didnt notice the two identical mails. thats enough.
Edited 11 Sep, 2012 12:41
12 Sep, 2012 09:00
On Excommunication

You see all the time that players get themselves excommunicated by mistake. This is because they haven't noticed that the guy they just sent a mail to was already excommunicated.

Would it be possible to make the warning so clear that you cannot miss it? Maybe even a pop-up window stating what you are about to do and asking you to validate your choice?
Edited 12 Sep, 2012 09:00
12 Sep, 2012 09:34
You have the reason (again), but pop ups are cutted in so many internet navigators.

Maybe, strider can change the background to the phrase: “Aviso: Este jugador está excomulgado. Si le envías esta carta tú también estarás excomulgado.”, and put it in red.
Edited 12 Sep, 2012 09:34
12 Sep, 2012 09:40
+ 1. Some extra warning is needed
Edited 12 Sep, 2012 09:40
12 Sep, 2012 09:40
Migue is right. Pop-ups may be a problem. A highlighted message should be enough.
Edited 12 Sep, 2012 09:40
12 Sep, 2012 09:58
yes migue is right about pop-ups. the question is if a highlighted message is enough. an intermediary solution would be to oblige the guy who is in the process of excommunicating himself unwillingly to ‘confirm’. Attached to/beside this ‘confirm’ button, the highlighted message could show.
Edited 12 Sep, 2012 09:58
12 Sep, 2012 10:33
I think that the solution is easier… just read!!!
Edited 12 Sep, 2012 10:33
12 Sep, 2012 10:41
I have highlighted the warning, and have changed the text of the button for “Send and be excommunicated”. I expect that this is enough.

However, keep in mind that if you choose an excommunicated player in the Bcc list these messages are not shown. Although the word “excommunicated” is shown in the list.
Edited 12 Sep, 2012 10:41
12 Sep, 2012 11:13
Strider, perfect solution. Thanks

corund, smile

Another suggestion. The eliminated players must not write whispers. In a finished game, a dead player said an information that he only knew that help the others to kill me.
Edited 12 Sep, 2012 11:13
12 Sep, 2012 13:03
Revenge is nice, chat is funny and there's option to play without whispers: -1 to Migue
Edited 12 Sep, 2012 13:03