12 Dec, 2012 14:05
I did it myself. Now i'm lazy's one.

(Ojú con el inglé)
Edited 12 Dec, 2012 14:05
12 Dec, 2012 20:06
im a lazy one and i pay that price. im not gone whine though, if youve already discussed it.
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13 Dec, 2012 23:41
“Thyrrenian” should actually be “Tyrrhenian”
Edited 13 Dec, 2012 23:41
12 Jan, 2013 21:31
do you know, strider, that my first question ever in this game

“1: Better history. Where did I come from, where did I try to go? The log is a good, but tedious way of retracing movements. Is it possible to indicate movements with arrows on the map? The main reason - a part from being virtual - that the Machiavelli online version differs from the classic board game, is that it is quite hard to follow all the movements of all the players.”

is implemented in

Just a FYI.
Edited 12 Jan, 2013 21:31
15 Jan, 2013 11:20
Hi Cranocide.

Can you, please, detail your suggestion? Would it be enough if arrows for only the last round were shown?

If so, this is quite easy to implement. The only problem would be that the map generation would be a bit slower (I'd have to make some tests to see how much slower).
Edited 15 Jan, 2013 11:20
16 Jan, 2013 12:08
yes, arrows. maybe it would be better if I senty you some screendumps via email (ive got your address)?
Edited 16 Jan, 2013 12:08
16 Jan, 2013 12:11
Yes, that would be useful.
Edited 16 Jan, 2013 12:11
16 Jan, 2013 12:12
i dislike arrows, sorry crano
Edited 16 Jan, 2013 12:12
16 Jan, 2013 14:03
the good thing about it, oxto, is that you don't have to use the visual log if you dont want to. it would be a supplement.
Edited 16 Jan, 2013 14:03
16 Jan, 2013 14:13
Edited 16 Jan, 2013 14:13