16 Jan, 2013 14:46
I have played diplomacy that way and it would be a useful feature but chained loans are better :-P
Edited 16 Jan, 2013 14:46
17 Jan, 2013 09:20
would it be possible to put flags on these log messages, so you know who the rebellion is against - also later on?

A rebellion has broken out in Dalmatia.
A rebellion has broken out in Austria.
A rebellion has broken out in Urbino.
A rebellion has broken out in Perugia.
A rebellion has broken out in Salerno.
A rebellion has broken out in Rome.
A rebellion has broken out in Siena.
A rebellion has broken out in Spoleto.
Edited 17 Jan, 2013 09:20
17 Jan, 2013 09:45
Count on it, Cranocide!
Edited 17 Jan, 2013 09:45
17 Jan, 2013 11:00
Oxto73, back to the arrows that Cranocide would like, which is the inconvenient that you would see?
Edited 17 Jan, 2013 11:00
17 Jan, 2013 11:35
When there are too much units, arrows fulls screen. It's difficult to see. I like actual system.

Y como creo que lo he puesto fatal me explico en español. Muchas unidades, muchas flechas, no se ve nada, todas se superponen, es un lío. El sistema actual es mas fácil de ver, basta con un F3 y buscar la provincia que deseas ver.

Pero vamos, puedes comprobarlo tu mismo en la pagina que dice grano. Igual soy algo exagerao.

Edited 17 Jan, 2013 11:35
17 Jan, 2013 11:36
Grano no, crano.
Corrector de los coj…
Edited 17 Jan, 2013 11:36
17 Jan, 2013 12:44
as i wrote to strider in a private message, none of my suggestions are more than suggestions.

if it is easy to implement the arrows, it may be possible to make it an OPTION that doesn't load unless you specifically ask for it (like: “click here and see a big map in a pop-up window with movements shown as arrows. if it doesn't popoup, it's your browser's problem”…or something like that ).
Edited 17 Jan, 2013 12:44
18 Jan, 2013 06:57
I actually think that things like the arrows would balance the players more evenly: It is extremely important in this online version not to be ‘lazy’: You need to keep track of the expenses of other players; you need to go and check all their movements every round, which is very tedious.

A lot of people don't do this, but I bet that top 5 is.

If this is going to be a game of tactics and diplomacy, and not accountability, then we should make things easier.

The suggestion about making money spending more transparent has already been rejected. Wrongly, in my opinion.

Now, the arrows can give ‘lazy’ players (or, as I prefer to call them, players who know how to focus) to challenge Sheldon & Co.

Of course, “accountability” alone doesn't win games, but it really gives the people doing so big an advantage that I'd argue that it corrupts the game some.
Edited 18 Jan, 2013 06:57
29 Jan, 2013 22:44
each time someone has won a game, it could get displayed some place on the front page.
Edited 29 Jan, 2013 22:44
29 Jan, 2013 22:56
Aren't you bored of read my name? XD

Crano, you are full of great ideas.
Edited 29 Jan, 2013 22:56