12 Jan, 2012 00:34
Strider you can try modifying the cache parameters on headers but this doesn't work with all browsers. Probably adding an index to the images would be a better solution: map-85.jpg?i=1, map-85.jpg?i=2 etc.

I think that the mail improvements are a great idea too.
Edited 12 Jan, 2012 00:34
12 Jan, 2012 10:38
About the mailbox suggestion, there's a feature that I didn't finish, but that you can use. I will integrate it better in the next days.

As you know, the url of your mailboxes are ( for the inbox and ( for the outbox. If you add the name of the game to this url, you'll get the inbox or outbox for this game. Example:

- ( shows the inbox for the game “Goes”.
- ( shows the outbox for the game “Goes”.
Edited 12 Jan, 2012 10:38
12 Jan, 2012 10:52
Edited 12 Jan, 2012 10:52
12 Jan, 2012 10:53
Isn't it possible that there could be some issues regarding games with the same name? I've read that sometimes literal names taking part of the url may cause some troubles in data bases and browsering, but I can't tell you much about it.
Edited 12 Jan, 2012 10:53
12 Jan, 2012 11:02
Mylquiavelli, game names are unique, so there cannot be any issues with them.
Edited 12 Jan, 2012 11:02
12 Jan, 2012 11:09
Good to know! Maybe there should be an advice about it when creating new games, in order to avoid troubles with it. I know it's a remote possibility but anyway…
Edited 12 Jan, 2012 11:09
13 Jan, 2012 10:14

Maybe my point number 1 is impossible, but until it is solved smile a temporary improvement could be to just add the possibility to browse in the log on the main game screen (ie just like it is on the log page (ie

“1502, Spring >>”

This way you could browse the log without having to leave the map.
Edited 13 Jan, 2012 10:14
06 Feb, 2012 20:16
Would it be possible to create a second list of Best Players that show the average scores next to the accumulated ones?
Edited 06 Feb, 2012 20:16
06 Feb, 2012 21:00
Cranocide, you have this in the Hall of Fame section.
Edited 06 Feb, 2012 21:00
09 Feb, 2012 20:39
Hi strider and everyone! Very nice to find a site to play Machiavelli. Actually, a friend and I started to write a Mach-judge, mainly to learn PHP, but we had to abandon it due to lack of time. I would be interested in your adjudication code!

Regarding copyright, I don't think it would make a difference to offer a set of rules if you host games. There's a lot of diplomacy sites which offer rules, and they don't have the rights, and they don't have any problems. We've been hosting Machiavelli games and rules for about 10 years without problems. There are sites for playing Republic of Rome, also a Hasbro game. Valley Games earned the rights for the new edition and in fact they hired one of those guys who revised the rules without permission for online use for their new edition. I know that some sites (e.g. gametableonline) have been admonished for offering gameplay, but I wouldn't worry if I were you.
And I think it would be quite helpful to offer custom rules for this site. The 1995 rules have some holes, and they need some adjustment for online play.

Many questions will probably be answered when I play a game, but I wonder:
1. How is money transfer and loans handled? Is there a specific order in which transfers to players, making and repaying loans are processed?
2. Why is 3 days the maximum deadline? Rather short, isn't it? For games with negotiation, that is.
3. Are there Press-options, like White Press, Black Press, No Press etc? Are most game played with real negotiations?
4. What's the “Unbalanced loans” option about? 25d as maximum loans is standard.
5. How do storms work? They are not in the 1995 rules.
6. How are NMRs handled, i.e what happens if someone doesn't submit orders?

I'm sorry if all this is answered somewhere but I couldn't find anything about this on the site.
Looking forward to joining a game!
Edited 09 Feb, 2012 20:39