18 May, 2013 15:27
thanks for answering about moneylenders :-)

Your events log doesn't identify elites specifically, I believe that's a fault as plyaers can't quickly get a turn review.
Also I don't think your logs carry over one turn do they? If not players will forget who are elites….although I suppose you still have the red star on the map.
21 May, 2013 00:40
Perhaps, players should know if a year is good, regular or bad. If somebody knows one year is bad, probably will buy less armies than is year were good.
21 May, 2013 00:41
…if year were good.

Si ya me cuesta escribir bien in spanish…
21 May, 2013 11:34
Given the intricate and elaborate spy networks of the rennaisance period it seems stupid that players cannot see other players treasury
21 May, 2013 11:39
Game rules Captain, game rules.
You can't see other players treasury.
In my opinion, it makes game more interesting.
21 May, 2013 11:52
about treasury, it's quite normal that you can't see others' treasuries - at least if you want to follow the nature of the board game, which is that you do not know if one player has given another player his fortune during secret parlours, for example.
24 May, 2013 11:51
When you create a new game, you have 2 possibilities under “Press*”: “letters and gossip” or “no letters and no gossip”.

how about introducing a third one: “no letters, but alot of gossip”-possibility?
24 May, 2013 18:45
Mate you're late I have proposed that some weeks ago!
27 May, 2013 09:27
im sorry the only spanish i understand is diplomatic spanish!
06 Aug, 2013 19:29

It could be useful and userfriendly and a way to get around the missing Rules of Play to put links or alternative text to describe the function of each expense at the Expenses page (ie. so that any player at any time in an easy way could read about how each expense works.

This could probably - if deemed worthwhile - be applied to many other pages on this - magnificent (have I said that before?) - site.