13 Oct, 2013 13:24
i could be neat for the forgetful ones if you could see if you owe money - and how much - in the military adjustments screen.
13 Oct, 2013 13:36
me uno a la peticion.
14 Oct, 2013 21:06
21 Nov, 2013 09:51
formidable! thank you,. strider smile
21 Nov, 2013 10:38
“However, it was argued that some players make the effort to calculate the savings of other players, and this would mean a reward for lazy players (I myself don't make this effort and I think this is fair).”

I agree - I do not keep track of it myself, but think that those who do it should be rewarded; it's the same in classic Machiavelli: You can hide your money if you want, but the other players have the possibility to keep track if they want.

I strongly agree. I do not do It myself, but others have to be rewarded as in original.
21 Nov, 2013 12:33
you misunderstand. the information that is now provided pertains only to your own finances and is for your eyes only: it is simply a way of being able to consult your savings during the military adjustments phase. it has nothing to do with other players' funds.
21 Nov, 2013 12:53
If somebody tracks the others funds out of the system - should be rewarded. The numbers should not be given openly to everybody.
21 Nov, 2013 13:37
they are not.
21 Nov, 2013 14:13
Sure. And should not be IMO. In your too, as far as I understand.
16 Aug, 2014 10:05

Would it be possible to backtrack throughout all the games all the times a player has eliminated/conquered another player and create a “killpoint” statistics based on this and add it as a column in the Hall of Fame?