21 Aug, 2014 06:18
Greetings everyone.

Only one suggestion. I am playing the dark rainbow game in one of the Iberian scenario, sorry I forget what is the exact one and I am seeing the Braga province as a rebel one?? Well I am Portuguese and it feels very strange for me to see that. XD

Anyway if this could be fix would be great, but it's not so important, I understand maybe that happens to make the forces more equal maybe. By the way congratulations for the website. Thxsmile
21 Aug, 2014 08:42
vou probar a ver se me entendes en galego:
nese escenario Braga non é rebelde, é “neutral”. supoño que o autor dese mapa buscou un equilibrio entre a fidelidade historica e a xogabilidade do mapa. se lle damos braga a portugal tamén habería que darlle GIR a Aragon, ZAM a leon, ALM a Granada, ALB a castilla… sempre da mais xogo empezar con menos cidades e irse expandindo, porque da mais oportunidades de usar a diplomacia antes de entrar en conflicto.
21 Aug, 2014 15:30
Yes z666. I understand what are you saying and I must agree with you, since the gameplay is more interesting in the first turns
04 Sep, 2014 00:05
a small thing: it would be nice if there were a numbered list instead of a bulleted one when you give orders, ex:

1. Fleet in GON - Gulf of Naples …
2. Fleet in BARI - Bari …
3. Fleet in DUR - Durazzo …
4. Garrison in TUR - Turin …
5. Army in TUR - Turin …
04 Sep, 2014 00:18
That's easy, Cranocide. I'll do it as soon as possible.
04 Sep, 2014 00:32
thanks smile
09 Sep, 2014 13:14
Cranocide, your last suggestion is done. You may need to clear your browser's cache (Ctrl+Caps+R inside a game should do the trick) to see the change.
09 Sep, 2014 13:21
splendid! thanks a lot smile
12 Sep, 2014 15:11
Very good idea!!! Its make easier to know if something is forgetsmile
22 Dec, 2014 10:55
In the Military Adjustment, shouldn't one be allowed to borrow money? Is there a reason why this option does not exist when you purchase units?