22 Dec, 2014 11:02
The only reason is that in the original rules it is not allowed. Do you think it should?
22 Dec, 2014 16:36
I did not know that. I think it is strange, but am keen to keep the game close to the original unless it makes no sense. Anyone else has an opinion on this?
23 Dec, 2014 01:58
por mí podemos probar a ver qué pasa. uno seguiría muriendo en otoño si pide credito en los ajustes.
23 Apr, 2015 07:18
What do you think about creating on the front page a table, for example next to “Latest forum posts” table, where you listed the “Latest finished games”?
23 Apr, 2015 21:23
That would be quite easy, Cranocide. Which info would you show in this summary?
24 Apr, 2015 08:35
the idea was in fact only to provide an overview with links to the last say 5 finished games. if there's room, it would of course be neat to display information about who the Winner is.
25 Apr, 2015 17:11
Another suggestion could be to enable floating windows (i have no idea what that's called) for the “All events”-view. To be able to compare the map and past events at the same time… If I could release the “All events” frame, turning it into a new window, and drag it around as I saw fit, I could place it beside the map and thus see what had been going on.

For example if I want to see the moves of Austria in the previous turn, I click “All events”. All events will then appear in the same window as the map but below it. This makes it impossible to see Austria's movements on the map and his written orders at the same time.

Follow me?

It's a small thing, it really is, but it would be neat.
03 Jun, 2015 21:55

Could it be possible to enable a ‘sort’ function on the columns on the user ranking page?

21 Oct, 2015 01:24

Would a select all functionality on the military ajustements screen be worthwhile?
23 Aug, 2016 13:38
when in a gunboat game (no communication) it is custom to send 1d to someone that you want peace with. this information is obscured by the fact that it's displayed in the general log.

could this be implemented so that it's easier to notice that someone has sent you money? (popup, email notification, etc.)