Special units

09 Feb, 2012 22:02
Odoaker, at the moment, the whole support is cut.
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09 Feb, 2012 22:13
if it's changed the way support is cutted then would normal units supporting with strenght 2+ (due other units support) be handle on the same way?
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09 Feb, 2012 22:49
One could even have the opinion that it would be okay to allow an unlimited number of special units. I don't think it would hurt the game that much. After all, they are expensive to maintain and cover less space than two or three separate units, e.g. can take control of only one area per fall turn. Of course, they shine when they give you the edge in a tough frontier or key positions.

It's true that if you fight someone with a special unit, your special unit is immune against buying from this player. But this applies to both players, and that kinda equals it out. We always played like this and we never felt it was unbalanced.

I also thought that even if it were allowed to buy a 2nd special unit you couldn't maintain both in the next winter and would have to disband one of them. If anyone can have two special units in any given winter, why shouldn't I build a 2nd one smile

I would just go with the rules here.

@corund: sorry I don't get it
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10 Feb, 2012 14:46
Never mind, i have forgotten that here a normal unit always support with str 1 despite other units support his order.
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10 Feb, 2012 23:48
I truly do not have enough experience yet to make any call on what would work better.

Striders argument sounds logical to me. I have to play more games smile in order to see how it plays out.
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15 Feb, 2012 23:52
I agree with Odoaker and Marco interpretation of rules: only one special unit at any time.
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10 May, 2019 03:22

These days, you CAN buy a special unit when you already have one. FYI